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If you are someone that struggles with swimming technique then you have to read the following.

Dear Dedicated Triathlete,

Do you know which part of triathlon the majority of triathletes struggle with, and why? I bet you do… You could be struggling with the same problem for the same reason. I’ll tell you about it shortly, but first, I want you to imagine this scene…

I want you to imagine this scene. You are getting ready to race in a triathlon this morning. As you arrive at the event, there’s a cool mist hanging in the air.

The sun is still rising and there’s just a few puffy white clouds in the sky. As you were driving to the event, you heard the weather report: perfect skies, sunny, and 25 degrees… You couldn’t ask for better weather to do a triathlon.

You look around at your competitors and then gaze out over the water as you slip into your wetsuit. You felt really relaxed and confident as you were driving here. You’ve been training for months and feel like today could be the day you set a new personal record.

But then as you’re staring out over the water, you start getting that old feeling again.

A feeling of nervousness and butterflies.

You start thinking about the distance you have to swim. You begin wondering what the water conditions will be like today. Will the water be smooth… or rough? Perfectly warm… or shockingly cold?

You look around at everyone else getting ready for the swim. It looks like today’s race will be packed with contestants.

You remember your last race and start thinking all of the splashing that happens as everyone hits the water at once. There will be so many arms and legs flailing around you… you can’t help but wonder if you’ll get accidentally bumped into by another swimmer at the start of the event.

You remember how tired you were after the swim last time. As you were training for this event, you kept telling yourself that this time, things would be different.

You trained hard — probably the hardest you ever have.

But you never gave a second thought to the bike or run… just the swim.

You suddenly realize that it’s always been the swim that separates the great triathletes from the rest of the pack…

Befriend the Swim…

Chances are, your story may sound like this one.

I know what it’s like to be starting out in the Triathlon. Even though swimming is the shortest part of the race, many view it as a “necessary evil.”

Swimming is the most difficult part of a triathlon… especially for beginners.

Many triathletes leave the water feeling exhausted and discouraged. They wind up hoping they can catch their “second wind” as they do the bike or the run next.

Why do so many triathletes struggle with the swim?

The honest truth is… it’s not because they’re horrible swimmers. Many of them have no trouble swimming endless laps in their local pool.

It’s not because they’re out of shape… almost every triathlete shows up on race day in great physical condition.

Pig Swimming

Most people are doing it wrong!

The reason why most triathletes fizzle out in the swim is because they are doing it wrong!

Most swimmers waste energy trying to churn through the water… instead of moving the body forward. It’s as dramatic as trying to row a boat using your bare hands… instead of using top-of-the-line rowing oars.

Let’s face it: It’s no fun to compete in something that you know you don’t do well. It’s even more demoralizing to do that competition… do badly… and then try to find the energy to finish the other two parts of the race…don’t you think?

The stone-cold truth is… If you want to compete (and compete well) in Triathlons, then you have to make the swim your friend… and not your foe.

So how do you make the swim your friend…and even your best friend?

This is how………

Step 1: Technique Mastery.

  • First, you get your balance in the water and correct head position.
  • Then you work on getting the hip rotation and kick right.
  • Finally, you will be executing the pull that will give you the most propulsion possible.
  • Step 1 will allow you to swim with ease like you never have before, and save your energy for the bike and run instead of blowing yourself out to start the race.

Step 2: Open Water Swim Mastery. This is divided into two parts. First, you will discover quick & simple techniques to go from swimming in a pool to exceeding in the open water.

Then, you will find out the fastest way to make sure that you dramatically reduce your race day anxiety, and use any nervousness you have to your advantage for the swim!

I’ve broken this down into easy-to-follow steps so you don’t have to think much about it. Just follow along and you will start to build your confidence naturally and quickly.

  • Discover the secrets to sighting. How do you properly sight? How often should you do it?
  • Find out how to navigate in the open water. Getting off course can screw up your whole race, and can be really frustrating
  • Mental and relaxation strategies so you’re not freaking out on race day (or while training in the open water)
  • How to adjust to cold water the right way

Step 3: Workout Mastery. Finally, you will need to be doing the right workouts for a triathlon swim, as opposed to workouts meant for age group or typical masters swimmers.

By following this 3 step process you will have confidence and ability that you can finish the swim strong with much more energy and shave your swim times down.

B Mee Swim Intensive Package

Improve your swimming in 4 weeks!

One month ago I started the Swim Intensive program with the B Mee group. I just wanted to share the improvement and the confidence in my ability that I have achieved in one month….

With the coaching and help from Lars I have gone from struggling to swim 100m non stop to being able to do my first open water 750m with easy!!! The program has suited me coming from doing minimal swimming and helped me achieve something I didn’t think possible.

The help with my stroke and breathing amongst other things has been amazing. Going from starting out at doing 7mins21sec for 400m and struggling, today did the same test and did it in 6mins 12sec!!!! Proof enough I think.

Get in contact with them whether you sink like a rock or swim like a fish because there’s always something they can help you with!

- Jaryd, Hervey Bay

Package includes the following:

Week 1

Session 1

Swim Technique Video Analysis Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre – 1 hour

  • Freestyle Kick
  • Freestyle stroke
  • Wetsuit Freestyle stroke (if required by participant)
  • Test Set to work at aerobic/anaerobic swim base

Computer Video Analysis by Coach Lars of above components – 1 hour (before session 2)

Session 2

Face to Face Technique breakdown from above testing at B Mee Hive – 45mins

  • Full technique breakdown and copy of video analysis plus key focus areas that we will be working on over the next 3 weeks

Week 2

Swim Technique one on one session – 1 hour

Week 3

Swim Technique one on one session – 1 hour

Week 4

Session 1

Swim Technique Video Analysis Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre – 1 hour

  • Freestyle Kick
  • Freestyle stroke
  • Wetsuit Freestyle stroke (if required by participant)
  • Retesting of the Test set as per Week 1

Computer Video Analysis by Coach Lars of above components – 1 hour (before final session)

Session 2 – Final session

Face to Face Final Technique review above testing at B Mee Hive – 45mins

  • Technique areas to continue to focus on. Improvements over the four weeks.
  • Visual and written feedback from the testing

Package Cost – $250

I recently completed Lars’s 4 week swim intensive program. It has been a great success for me. Apart from the tangible improvement in my 400 metre time trial, it has been very helpful to have some “catch phrases” Lars gave me that I can think about during a race. Recently I completed a half ironman and during the swim leg was able to repeat Lars’s words in my head which helped immeasurably.

Having Lars video my stroke and analyse it with me was a great help and having him in the pool with me correcting my stroke afterwards helped everything “click”. Lars is a very motivating and supportive coach and he has an excellent knowledge of swim technique. I would thoroughly recommend this program to anyone who wants to correct their stroke, improve their technique, or simply feel more confident in their swim.

- Lisa

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