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B Mee Triathlon and Multisport is the coaching arm for B Mee Movement with a Purpose Pty Ltd where the focus is on tailoring training programs for triathlon, swimming, cycling, netball, as well as many other sports. B Mee is based in Hervey Bay, Queensland, but has online coaching services that can cater for the individual anywhere in Australia or even the world.

Lars Olsen is the head coach for all the online triathlon coaching, as well as face to face triathlon coaching sessions.

For those that don’t know Lars, he is an age group triathlete that has competed in triathlon since he was 15 years old. He is now a full time dad to two beautiful children Saisha and Nilay. Lars has a passion for helping people succeed in their sporting goals and ambitions regardless of how small or big those goals are.

B Mee is proud to offer you a team of experienced professionals that includes 4 exercise physiologists, Carla Olsen, Matt Lindsay, Laura Walton and Natasha Cowan, who combine together with 15 years of industry knowledge between them. With experience competing and coaching at club and State level in Swimming, Hockey and Netball the B Mee Coaching team has a passion for building a stronger you, ready to take on your personal challenges.

What we aim to provide at B Mee is a program that is tailored to the individual. Whether you are into triathlon, swimming or many other sports, the goal will be to have you performing at your strongest and healthiest. All programs will have a strong focus on strength. Our strength programs will be developed by our exercise physiologists to maximise your output in your chosen sport and eliminate the possibility of injury.

On a weekly basis, Lars runs one group session in swimming, cycling and running.

So if you ‘Bee-Lieve in the Positivity of Exercise’ and if you want me to help you achieve in your sporting goals then I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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