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Meet our Team

Our Exercise Physiologists and Dietitian are university trained Allied Health Professionals. EP’s are the most qualified health professionals to prescribe exercises for people with chronic diseases.

The B Mee team that involves Carla (Principal Exercise Physiologist), Lars (Multi-sport coach), Tash (Exercise Physiologist Supervisor), Emily (Exercise Physiologist), Nicole (Exercise Physiologist), Cassandra (Dietitian), Luke (Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist) and Matt (Exercise Physiologist) believe that they can be a positive influence in your life and that exercise and diet are some of the best ways to look after yourself.

Carla Thomas

Carla ThomasAs an Exercise Physiologist, Carla Thomas specialises in the delivery of exercise programs to modify lifestyle and to prevent and manage chronic disease and injuries.

Carla studied her four-year degree in Human Movements Exercise Science at the University of Queensland and graduated in 2004.

She worked for two years in Brisbane within corporate health before moving to Hervey Bay and starting her own business, B Mee Movement with a Purpose.

“My aim is to promote healthy living and provide a professional health service unlike any other in Hervey Bay,”

Carla lives by her motto of believing in the positivity of exercise, during her Christmas break last year she travelled to East Africa and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, to its highest Summit, Uhuru at 5895m and then travelled to Nepal and trekked to Everest Base Camp and the Glacier lakes in Gokyo over 16 days.

Health and fitness has been a major influence in her life, she grew up in an active family and always enjoyed interacting with people of all ages and walks of life.

“I get great satisfaction from seeing a client gain relief when they participate in a hydrotherapy class or by improving someone’s daily functions with the correct exercises or even just seeing a mum increase their fitness levels and regain their self-confidence,” Carla said.

“I educate people to move with a purpose.”

Carla’s coaching spirit is obvious in every class. To book a class or find out more information contact Carla Thomas on 4124 2621 or email manager.bmee@gmail.com

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