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B Mee Triathlon & Multisport – FTP Test Fortnight

This all started with Jade and Jarred last week cracking out a terrific Ironman 1 hour FTP test. Both produced great results which will be tested again 6 weeks out from Port Macquarie Ironman.

We then had Enzo and Chris Searle step up to the plate with Enzo increasing his FTP from his first test by a massive 54 watts (!) and Chris pumping out his first ever FTP with a terrific 3.33 watts/kg.

Yesterday we had Jaryd Hamilton and Coach Lars up for there FTP retest. Jaryd H really stepped up and produced a great increase from 3.06 watts/kg to 3.37 watts/kg.

Mel Halton then came in this morning and had a super strong FTP re-test and jumped up a whopping 27 watts from her first test! All the hard training is paying off for Mel as she gets ready for her first Olympic distance Triathlon in Mooloolaba in just over 3 weeks time!

After Mel finished her FTP this morning we had the Carla and Shane showdown again. This is Shane’s 5th FTP test over the past 7 months everytime increasing his FTP result up until this morning. It was still a great result with a second best only to his previous test.

Carla once again showed that girls can produce just as many watts/kg as the boys by increasing her value from 3.68 watts/kg to 3.73 watts/kg which is the second best result only to Mitch Sutton for the B Mee Computrainers.
Great work everyone. We have a few more tests left to go over the next week.

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