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B Mee Triathlon & Multisport – Get Our Gear On!

Wohooo!!! Time to get your gear off and get into some B Mee Tri & Multisport bike Jerseys/knicks/run singlets/shirts and socks! Here are pics of ride and running gear that are in the final stages of design at the moment.

Just a little re-positioning and re-sizing of logos left to go!

The first order will go in by Thursday this week. [click to continue…]


B Mee Triathlon & Multisport – FTP Test Fortnight

This all started with Jade and Jarred last week cracking out a terrific Ironman 1 hour FTP test. Both produced great results which will be tested again 6 weeks out from Port Macquarie Ironman.

We then had Enzo and Chris Searle step up to the plate with Enzo increasing his FTP from his first test by a massive 54 watts (!) and Chris pumping out his first ever FTP with a terrific 3.33 watts/kg.

Yesterday we had Jaryd Hamilton and Coach Lars up for there FTP retest. Jaryd H really stepped up and produced a great increase from 3.06 watts/kg to 3.37 watts/kg. [click to continue…]


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